Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tired of all the snow you have been getting these past several days?

Well, then we can offer you the perfect solution!

Come and visit Heritage Motor Coach Resort in Orange Beach and enjoy the sunshine and warmth!
While the current temperatures are not what you would find here during the summer, we think that today's high of 64F is much better than the 6 or 10 degrees you can find in other parts of the country right now.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Rainy Day in Paradise

As the saying goes “into every life a little rain must fall”.  So it is inevitable that unless we want beautiful Orange Beach to become a desolate desert, we need to get some rain from time to time.  In the discussion that my brother and I have regarding half full or half empty, he has decided that I am at least ¾ full (although we haven’t agreed on ¾ full of what…).  So… what is there to do on a rainy day here in our one-of-a-kind motor coach and boating paradise? Frankly, I find the sound of rain on the roof of a motor coach or coach house quite relaxing and peaceful; especially at night time…puts me right to sleep!

With the magnificent views over the bay all the way to the Gulf from our clubhouse, there is no better place to watch a storm come and go.  It is the perfect time to catch up on that book you have been wanting to read or the movie you have been wanting to watch.  A little music and just sitting and talking with that special person in your life is also a good plan!  You never know where that might lead J.  The great local seafood restaurants nearby are still serving the freshest seafood you will find anywhere… rain or shine!  If you want to be more adventurous, the giant Naval Air Museum is fascinating and a short drive along the beach road away!

After living in rainy Oregon for a lot of years where it starts raining sometime in October and you pray the rain ends by 4th of July…I enjoyed our rainy day here yesterday.  It was about 70 degrees out, it would rain for a while and then the sun would peak through long enough for a walk about the resort or down to the marina, and then maybe a brief thunderstorm.

But then, maybe it’s just me…the guy who once played 14 holes of golf on the Oregon Coast in 50 degree hard rain with the wind blowing between 50 and 60 miles per hour…LOL!

Rain or shine there is no better place to be than here with us at Heritage Motor Coach Resort & Marina!  The rainbow is just around the corner….come join us!

Jim Howard, Resort Sales Director & Broker

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fun Times at Heritage!!!

February began with a great Super Bowl Party with Topper Breaux winning the Chili Cook Off with his first ever chili!  Then, our beautiful 42 slip private marina became even more interesting and scenic with the addition of Ronald & Gabi Hiemann’s sailboat!  With our easy access to both the Gulf and the Intracoastal Water Way this is yet another fun way to take advantage of our one-of-a-kind motor coach and boating paradise!

This past week the SE chapter of Country Coach International held a rally here at Heritage Motor Coach Resort & Marina.  What a great group of folks enjoying both our unique resort and all that our tremendous area has to offer!  One of the more interesting tow cars we have had at the Resort in some time was the antique Morgan sports car that retired Admiral Hank Giffin and his wife Stevie tow behind their Country Coach (he also races vintage sports cars!)

Spring is in the air here at Heritage so it is the perfect time to make your plans to come and have some fun with us real soon!

Jim Howard
Resort Sales Director & Broker

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gulf Coast Therapy

It has taken way too long for Donna & I to restart our regular morning beach walks on the amazing white powdered sugar sand beaches that run for miles here in beautiful Orange Beach.  There is no more uplifting and relaxing way to get your morning exercise than a beach walk.  It was 74 degrees and partly cloudy when we hit the beach at 6:20 AM and 78 degrees an hour later.  There was the usual gentle gulf breeze as we walked along with the warm water lapping at our feet.  A half a dozen dolphins glided lazily by only 50’ off shore.  There were only a few other friendly people walking the beach as well as a few hopeful souls surf casting.  We watched the boats head out for their day of fishing adventures and watched the sun work its way through the morning clouds to escape into the brilliant blue sky above. 

I guess I wouldn’t call myself a ‘beach person’.  I am not someone who can enjoy just sitting in a chair on the beach all day; but what a special way to start any day! Now I am ready for another great day here Heritage Motor Coach Resort & Marina!  As I always say…if you can’t relax here…you can’t relax!

Jim Howard, Resort Director

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Patriotism is Alive and Well here at Heritage Motor Coach Resort & Marina

With Memorial Day just a week away it was a very moving event when we dedicated our beautiful new lighted American Flag and pole this past Saturday here at Heritage Motor Coach Resort.  Long-time Heritage owner, and the newest member of the Heritage Condo Owners Association Board of Directors, Anthony Toups spearheaded the acquisition and installation of the new flag pole near our Marina and funded it himself.  The rest of the owners are each pitching in to cover the costs on a voluntary basis.  Another one of our owners, Inyce Lapine, orchestrated the dedication ceremony complete with a blessing, the pledge of allegiance, and our national anthem played by another of our owner couples, Bob & Dorothy O’Connor.  A crowd of about 40 owners and guests participated; and it was a great way to start another beautiful day here at our one-of-a-kind motor coach and boating paradise!

Personally, I am very grateful for what Anthony accomplished!  You can enjoy the American Flag flying in our ever-present gulf breezes 24 hours a day.  I especially enjoy it when walking down the path toward the marina and walking toward the resort from the marina.  I haven’t seen it from the water yet, but I am told that it is very striking from there as well.  You will definitely enjoy it the next time you join us!

 I hope to see you here soon!
Jim Howard, Resort Director

Monday, May 21, 2012

An Amazing Fishing Adventure in Orange Beach, Alabama

I have loved fishing as long as I can remember; beginning with sunfish and crappy on a small lake in my home state of Nebraska many moons ago!  So…when we put together a 2 day charter on the 62’ Lady D here at Heritage Motor Coach Resort & Marina for last week I couldn’t resist flying my two grown boys in to enjoy it with me.  We were joined by Danny Green; who with his wife Lori own two beautiful Resort Sites here at our one-of-a-kind motor coach resort and marina, and Dr. Jim Trudeau who with his wife Mary Jo decided to join our Heritage Owner Family this past weekend.  A late addition was Tommy Colvin, the lucky husband of our Resort Concierge, Heather Colvin. 

The Lady D and her Captain Casey Price were amazing!  The Lady D is a very modern, roomy, and comfortable boat with a wide beam and a huge fishing deck complete with a Green Egg for cooking on.  Captain Casey really knew what he was doing and got us into fish right away.  Over the next 2 days we hooked 20 different kind of fish and kept 15 different kinds.  The seas were calm like they usually are here and the weather was spectacular.  We trolled, bottom fished, jigged, and even fished with a kite (what a treat).  Our major target was Yellowfin Tuna, which we caught a bunch of , but by the time we were done we had filled the huge fish boxes on the Lady D with over 1,500 pounds of fish including Wahoo, Cobia, Mahi Mahi, Snapper, Blackfin Tuna, Amber Jack, etc., etc.  We released several sharks including a 7’ hammer head.

There are 8 comfortable bunks on board the Lady D as well as a large flat screen TV in the air conditioned cabin with huge picture windows on all sides.  The deck hands, Tom & Wayne, were experienced and very focused on making this a great trip for all!
The perfect finish to this fishing trip of a lifetime was my older boy Jason hooking a 300# Blue Marlin on the way back in to Orange Beach.  It was gracious enough to jump a couple of times before he lost it after about 30 minutes of fun & excitement.

I guess now I have a better appreciation of the truth behind the message on the shirts the staff at our favorite local restaurant, the Harbor Grill, that say “Orange Beach, a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem”!   I can’t wait to do it all again!  Let me know if you would like to enjoy this yourself & I will hook you up with Captain Casey!

Hope to see you all soon here at Heritage Motor Coach Resort & Marina!
Jim Howard, Resort Director

Friday, March 9, 2012

Eric Church, Art Festival and a Rally....It's time for you to visit us in Motor Coach Paradise!

What a great week it's been here at Heritage Motor Coach Resort & Marina!! With the sun shining and temperatures 70 and above, it's great to see everyone out enjoying themselves on the water!! Each day I've passed tons of fisherman along the Intracoastal, sail boats, and lots of people out walking/running and biking.

We even caught the Green's and their friends taking out their new boat on it's Maiden Voyage!!

This weekend should be a fun one with Eric Church at the Wharf and the Art Festival going on here in Orange Beach!!

We are looking forward to hosting the Prevost Owners Group (POG) next week for a Rally. And I'll post pictures of our St Patrick's Day celebration.

If you haven't made your reservations to come see us, now is the time to do so!! And we'd love to have you! Just give us a call at 800-730-7032!

Have a great weekend, Heather